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We are on a mission to inspire and encourage women to be active participants in their lives! We are sharing our ideas, experiences and real-life adventures while challenging ourselves to mindfully carve out time each week to do something special and memorable with the ones we love! Whether it’s a weekend activity or just a couple of hours, we have inspiration to help you do the same!

Adulting is hard.

Work, commute, cook, dishes, laundry, house chores, bedtime, repeat. By the time we get to the end of the weekend, we can’t even remember anything special that happened during the week. 

But guess what… we can change that!

No, we can’t make the endless pile of laundry disappear, and we can’t get you out of the soccer carpool. But we can make a mindful effort to create little “pockets of enjoyment” each week, despite our busy schedules!

We are two friends who live very different lives but agree on one thing: Life should be about spreading love and spending time with those that we cherish the most. And we refuse to get the the end of another weekend and not have any memories to show for it!


We are challenging ourselves to carve out time each week to do something special with the ones we love and turn every day moments into memories that will last a lifetime!

I'm Kaylee.

I’m a plant-loving, muck-boot wearing, self-proclaimed “modern hippie”! I live in Southwest Idaho with my wife, Lindy, who is a busy realtor. When we aren’t working, we are renovating our 1952 home and creating a small sustainable homestead on a suburban lot (which you can learn more about on my blog, Project Zenstead). I have chickens, milk goats, numerous rescue animals and a large garden, which keeps me constantly busy! We are passionate about growing as much of our own real, healthy food as possible! But, more than anything, I love being able to spend time laughing and enjoying life with the ones I love. I am embarking on this challenge because I know that life is short and it goes too damn fast!

Hi! I’m Danielle.

I’m a creative, solo-prenuer with a gypsy-soul who lives in San Diego with my husband, Mark, my amazing corgis and a happy balance of farm animals. Mark & I own an international events company where we are contracted to work large-scale sporting events. I also own a boutique marketing and website design business named Dogs Who Talk (after my corgis, of course). When I’m not working professionally, you’ll find me tending to our small, family-run orange orchard, which you can follow on Instagram @rainbowacresorchard. The work never ends but I whole-heartedly believe that in the midst of our crazy lives, spending quality time with my favorite people is most important.

Fun Facts About Kaylee
  • I used to own six (yes, SIX) dogs
  • I secretly love One Direction even though I’m basically old enough to be their mom
  • My degree is in Veterinary Technology which has come in handy even though I never worked in the field
  • I got my GED and left high school during my sophomore year
  • I’ve made a couple wedding cakes (but I prefer not to cause bridezillas = stressful baking) 
  • Chips and salsa are my kryptonite. I will devour the. whole. bag. 
Fun Facts About Danielle
  • I have two corgis who are my world! They even have their own Instagram account @corgissuayandcrash
  • Most people live for Christmas…I live for Halloween!! 🎃
  • I am a licensed cosmetologist in California
  • I met my husband at The Happiest Place on Earth
  • I am a gadget-aholic! Seriously. If there is a little gadget that makes my life easier, I’m all about it.
  • I was in love with pumpkin spice everything before it was cool (that also goes for vampires and the color teal)

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