Make Every Day Funday!


Sure, we all prefer the weekends! But why wait for the weekends to have a funday?!

 We can’t craft like Martha Stewart, design like Joanna Gains, or party like 1999. And, sure, we might be paper pushers during the week, but why not make every day our day to shine?! …mostly because we spilled that bottle of glitter last month and that stuff is everywhere! Seriously, the shininess is starting to get a bit awkward now…

 We are Kaylee and Danielle: two best friends on a mission to live happily, spread joy and make every day as fun as the weekend! So put on your mascara, get out of those leggings, and let’s start a project! Actually, leave the leggings… Life is better in leggings. 

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As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

As an amazon associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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